How To Know When It’s Time To Refill or Replace Your Propane Tank

Maintaining a steady propane supply is key to keeping your appliances functional and your home comfortable. Find a reliable propane delivery service and constantly inspect your tank to make sure you never run out of gas when needed. Here’s how to know when to refill or replace your tank:

Refilling Your Propane Tank

One way to tell you need a refill is by checking your fuel gauge. A fuel gauge shows you the approximate level of propane in your tank. Get a refill when the needle moves to near-empty levels. Don’t wait until your tank is empty, as this could prevent your appliances from functioning efficiently.

If you have a small tank, pick it up to determine whether to call your propane delivery service. A full tank will be heavy from the liquid propane inside, making lifting or moving it difficult. If it’s near-empty, you’ll easily pick it up. Be careful when lifting the tank to avoid injuries. Turn off your gas supply, disconnect your hose from the tank, and use both hands to lift the tank from the ground.

Another way to tell you need a refill is by observing how your appliances function. When your tank is full, appliances like cooking stoves and grills will have a steady flame. You’ll notice a sputtering, low, or no flame if it’s near-empty or empty. Conduct this test on different appliances to make sure your equipment isn’t the problem.

You can also tell if you need a refill by conducting the hot water test. Turn off your gas supply, disconnect your hose, and pour hot water over the side of your tank. Touch the side you pour the hot water on to feel the tank’s temperature. If your tank is full, it’ll remain cool to the touch because of the propane. When it’s near-empty, it’ll feel hot, up to the point where your propane level starts.

Replacing Your Propane Tank

Observing propane usage is one way to tell if you need a tank replacement. You may need to replace your tank if your propane usage increases. This may be brought on by factors like transitioning from electric appliances to propane-powered ones or a growing family. Such factors could cause you to run out of gas before your scheduled refills. Upgrading to a larger tank can allow you to meet your usage needs better.

Another way to tell you need a new tank is by checking its manufacture date. Propane tanks are durable, some lasting several years with proper maintenance. But they need to be replaced to remain safe. Compare your tank’s manufacture date to its recommended lifespan. Replace it if it’s near the end of its lifespan.

Physical damage to your tank also signifies the need for a replacement. Check for dents or rust on the metal, as they can cause weakness. Replace your tank early to prevent leaks.

Hire a Professional Propane Delivery Service

A propane delivery company can inspect your tank and tell you whether to get a refill or replacement. You’ll need a refill if your fuel levels are low and a replacement if your tank is too small or if its integrity is compromised. Get a professional to conduct a thorough inspection to prevent you from missing serious issues.

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