Zhang Ziyi Net Worth

Zhang Ziyi Net Worth

Zhang Ziyi is one of the highest-paid Chinese actors worldwide and enjoys massive popularity. Her career has blossomed ever since she first entered the spotlight at an early age; recently her roles in Memoirs of a Geisha have earned critical acclaim and awards and nominations have come flooding in. Furthermore, her filmography includes some of China’s most beloved titles making Zhang one of its leading actresses worldwide.

She has appeared in over 100 films, many of them blockbusters. Her performances in The Road Home, Crouching Tigers Hidden Dragons and Memoirs of a Geisha made her an international star. Additionally, the actress has made appearances in multiple commercials and endorsement campaigns with Omega Watches, Visa, Maybelline and Garnier; making her worth even greater than before.

Zhang is also deeply engaged in charitable work and founded several charities. Additionally, she serves as spokesperson for several products and brands like Tag Heuer watches, Korean mineral water, Pantene shampoo, Lenovo computers and Coca-Cola; additionally she was selected to sit on the jury for 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

Zhang is an advocate for gender equality and has worked to support female filmmakers through her foundation. Additionally, she serves on the United Nations Women’s Leadership Forum and speaks out against child pornography. Additionally, Zhang enjoys painting and photography – her pieces have been displayed at many museums around the world – as well as traveling – having visited over 40 countries herself!

Personality. She is married to rock musician Wang Feng and they share one daughter. Located in Los Angeles, California. In terms of personal matters, she and Wang Feng share custody and reside there together with their daughter. Among other activities, she actively advocates for human rights issues including domestic violence and sexual harassment as well as Chinese government policies; winning numerous defamation lawsuits against news outlets like Boxun News in recent years.

Zhang remains one of the most popular Asian actresses in Hollywood despite a few controversies, inspiring young females and contributing significantly to Chinese cinema’s expansion. Her success serves as an example that hard work pays off; her continued success is proof that hard work pays off; Zhang serves as a true role model and inspiration to aspiring actresses everywhere! Her incredible talent and beauty will continue to drive forward her career path over the coming years – we look forward to witnessing even more milestones for this talented star!

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