Yucko The Clown Net Worth

Yucko the Clown Net Worth

Yucko the Clown Net Worth

Everyone’s beloved racist clown makes an appearance on The Stern Show to announce that he has given up wearing his costume and will go by his real name, Roger Black. Although no one in attendance seems particularly shocked or shocked, but seem happy for their friend.

Yucko is a regular guest and insult comedian on The Howard Stern Show, creating cartoons such as Farzar for Netflix. Artie Lange, Lisa Lampanelli, Reverend Bob Levy, Sal Governale, Shuli Colin Quinn Benjy Bronk and Dave Attell have been known to roast Yucko during his visits.

Yucko is best-known for his hilarious slapstick comedy and offensive perverted humor, often mocking women’s breasts and crossing into misogyny territory that no one should cross. Furthermore, his remarks often make fun of their race, religion or other aspects of their lives that might make people uncomfortable or offend them in some way.

Sociopathic behavior often results in some of the most contentious moments on Howard Stern’s show, such as when Yucko became defensive when Howard Stern told him he is gay and makes love with other men, then launched into an extreme and hate-filled tirade against Muslims, Irishmen, Hispanics, Jewish people, lesbians, African-Americans, Asians, Russians, Germans and mentally disabled people – to name just some of his targets!

Yucko has become a beloved cult figure over time. He boasts a large following on Instagram where he showcases his amusing antics; on TikTok he posts videos and engages with fans – both popular platforms where Yucko can be found.

He enjoys playing golf and watching sports in his free time, and is actively engaged in charity work such as raising money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. In addition, he hosted an event dedicated to breast cancer awareness at which he spoke at the White House.

Yucko was joined on stage by Nichole, a regular, functioning person who didn’t appreciate her husband being such an outrageous clown and became tired of his antics. Nichole complained they weren’t getting along in bed; Howard responded by rapping about how hot Sioebhan’s daughter is while adding that sometimes people need to look past girls altogether.

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