You Ve Been Elfed Ideas

To make your gift more special, consider adding personalized items to it. You can purchase personalized items from the Dollar Store or Target. Just remember to purchase a cute container or bag. The elf gift ideas vary depending on the person you’re elfing, so choose carefully. Listed below are several items you can include in your elf gift basket.

To spread holiday cheer, you can print out a cute You’ve Been Elfed Printable. You can also give your favorite friends a personalized You’ve Been Elfed gift. These gifts will bring a smile to their faces. You can even create cards for friends and family.

You can also create a game involving a fairy elf and her helper. This card game can be played with Christmas treats. For younger players, you can make a scavenger hunt by hiding Christmas treats. The winner can be the one to find the most cards.

You can also create a fun holiday tradition by delivering cookies or treats to neighbors. This is similar to You’ve Been Elfed, but it’s a more sophisticated version of the original. The children can make cookies and other treats and sneak around the neighborhood delivering them without being discovered. This activity will delight both kids and their parents.

You can also use a printable You’ve Been Elfed sign. This will let neighbors know that your house has been elfed, which will prompt them to give you gifts. This game is a great way to start a Christmas tradition for your family and friends. The printables also come with a fun poem about an elf and eight different door signs. It’s like a Halloween Boo game, but for the holidays.

You can also keep your Elf on the Shelf busy by assigning him housekeeping chores. This will keep him busy during the holiday season and help you keep the house clean and tidy. Keeping your Elf on the Shelf busy will keep your home organized and make the holidays fun for everyone.

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