William Frawley Net Worth

William Frawley Net Worth

William Frawley is an American television actor, he was born on February 26, 1887 in Burlington, Iowa and died on March 3, 1966 in Hollywood, California. He was married to Edna Louise Bloedt and had no children with her.

He started his career as a stenographer in the Union Pacific Railroad and later worked as a court reporter before he got into the acting business. He also formed a vaudeville act with his brother Paul Frawley and they performed all over the country.

During his early career, he was known for alcoholic and flamboyant behavior. He had several problems with alcohol and the show’s producers were afraid of him.

But he was able to overcome these issues and became a popular TV star. He is credited with playing the character of Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy and also had a role in My Three Sons.

His net worth is estimated to be $10 Million dollars as of January 9, 2023. He is a successful and famous actor who has earned a huge amount of money in his career.

He is a popular TV Actor, His net worth is $1-5 Million before he died. He has an impressive number of fans around the world.

When he was casting for the role of Fred Mertz, he met with Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. The duo were thrilled to have him on the show, but they had concerns about his drinking and flamboyant personality.

As he was a good actor, Arnaz and Ball decided to cast him in the role of Fred Mertz. However, it was a controversial decision as the network was concerned about his past record of alcoholic and flamboyant behavior.

After he landed the role, he became a big hit with audiences and was praised for his comedic performance. He made over a hundred appearances on I Love Lucy and his characters, Fred Mertz and Ethel Mertz, became very well-known.

He had a long-standing issue with alcoholism and was advised to stay sober or be fired. In addition, he had a habit of smoking Cuban cigars.

The cast of I Love Lucy included Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance and Desi Arnaz. When they were promoting the show, they gathered together and wrote a letter to the Chicago Tribune. They said that they were looking into a new project called “Lucy on Broadway,” but this was never materialized.

They also said that they were considering doing a spin-off series with their characters, Fred Mertz and Ethel. But both Vance and Frawley did not like the idea of their characters having their own show.

Their animosity was largely based on the age difference between them (Frawley was 22 years older than Vance). And, although the pair were able to work together well, they never got along.

In the end, they were unable to produce their own show because of their differences. They both wanted to work with each other, but the producers did not want to risk their reputation by casting them in a show that would have them face off against each other.

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