What Are the World’s Most Expensive Sneakers?

Are sneakers a staple in your wardrobe?

You’re not alone in your sneaker obsession. This shoe is projected to become a $120 billion industry by 2026.

Sneaker sales are driven by everything from consumer needs to celebrity endorsements. You can’t play on a basketball court without a reliable pair of sneakers.

Top designers and celebrity editions also increase demand for sneakers.

In fact, people invest in sneakers as assets. Consumers sign up for waitlists only to watch highly-anticipated sneakers sell out in mere seconds.

So, which are the world’s most expensive sneakers?

Some consumers (and investors) pay thousands of dollars for one pair alone.

Let’s take a look at the brands driving up the value of today’s sneakers.

Nike Air Jordans

Let’s start with the brand (and NBA superstar) that started the sneaker collection craze.

Michael Jordan and Nike are both credited with creating the world’s most in-demand sneakers. It’s not just the price tag that makes this shoe stand out. It’s also considered the gold standard in shoe design for basketball.

Name brands aside, Air Jordans are designed for utmost support on the court. Its design helps prevent chronic foot pain from sports. Even people who struggle with plantar fasciitis can wear Air Jordans simply for their orthopedic support.

Collectible Air Jordans have sold for more than $30,000. However, if you take a look at the KicksCrew Air Jordan site, you’ll find these shoes selling for reasonable $191 to $400 price tags.

Thus, Air Jordans are both the most expensive (and the most affordable) sneakers on the market.

Kanye Meets Adidas: Yeezy Sneakers

Kanye’s Adidas brand sneakers are another craze that sells out within minutes of their debut.

Demand for Yeezy sneakers continues to skyrocket at 30%, according to recent CNN reports. Within years of their grand unveiling, the shoe has already made it into the top three behind Air Jordans.

Like Air Jordans, some of the most expensive sneakers boast the Yeezy name. However, you’ll find plenty of reasonably-priced Yeezy sneakers at retailers.

Expensive Sneakers from Top Designers

Are you serious about investing in a high-value sneaker collection?

Start with Air Jordans and Yeezys. Next, move on to sneakers designed by some of the biggest fashion houses in the world.

You can find designer sneakers online and at posh brick-and-mortar stores. You’ll also recognize a lot of the following names. Many of these fashion houses team up with companies like Adidas and Nike to produce luxury sneakers.

These aren’t sneakers that you wear to the basketball court. They’re the type of shoes you’d wear to a luxury nightclub or resort.

For example, fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto collaborated with Adidas to create a luxury sneaker line for men. They’re meant to accent casual luxury men’s outfits. You could probably wear them to the office too!

Collecting the World’s Most Expensive Sneakers

Does the name Gucci ring a bell?

Gucci is one of the oldest fashion houses in history. It also broke into the sneaker world with its own line of luxury sports shoes.

This brand boasts a line of luxury off-grid sneakers for outdoor activities. You can even purchase Gucci sneakers for hiking, camping, and everyday wear. They also have a sustainable sneaker line made from eco-friendly materials.

Belanciaga Brand Shoes

The name Belanciaga usually conjures up red carpet gowns and runway shows. The fashion house also boasts a line of luxury walking sneakers designed for comfort and style.

Take a look at their Speed Sock sneakers. They feature a simple, modern look. These shoes come in an easy slip-on design, making them ideal for workplace environments too.

You may like this design if you’re looking for a luxury sneaker without a lot of external bells and whistles.

The Sneakers of Versace

Versace is another recognizable designer label.

The popular fashion house is a regular on Oscar and Grammy red carpets. Like Betsey Johnson, the brand is also known for its wild and bold color choices and textures. This tradition is definitely reflected in the brand’s own line of sneakers.

For example, you can find cheetah prints mixed with fire engine reds and cool grays. Pair them up with simple black Versace socks for a cool startup office look.

The Simplicity of Tom Ford

If you’re looking for “simple luxury,” take a look at Tom Ford’s line of sneakers. Similar to Belanciaga’s sneakers, you won’t find a lot of external design elements on these shoes.

These designer sneakers are perfect for office wear and light exercise. These shoes are quite versatile, as well. You can pair them with resort wear for vacations, nights out, or casual get-togethers with friends.

They’re also great for a simple walk around the neighborhood.


Valentino, another recognizable designer brand, boasts a similar shoe. Like Tom Ford’s line, this simple sneaker doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles or crazy colors.

They’re built for light active lifestyles, casual luxury, and office wear.

The Colorful Sneaker World of Dolce & Gabbana

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the colorful designer sneakers of Dolce and Gabbana. These luxury shoes feature bold splashes of color, textures, prints, and pull straps in lieu of shoelaces.

These sneakers have a cool futuristic look that’s bound to turn heads at the gym. They’re also great for resort outings, nightclubs, and luxury vacations.

You could probably wear these sneakers at fashion week too.

Kickstart Your Luxury Sneaker Shopping Spree

Are you ready to start adding to your luxury shoe collection?

Add the world’s most expensive sneakers to your wishlist!

Keep these shoes in mind as you think about restocking your summer wardrobe. Browse your favorite designer stores. Join waitlists to score top brands as quickly as possible.

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