Vikkstar Net Worth 2021

Vikkstar Net Worth 2021

Video game streamers and YouTubers are among the most successful internet personalities today, earning millions simply by showing off their skills before cameras while streaming and playing video games for an audience. These young adults have fulfilled the childhood dream of earning significant sums while doing what they enjoy doing best: this has proven true countless times before them.

Vikram Singh Barn, also known as Vikkstar online, is an English YouTuber and gaming star estimated to have an estimated net worth between $8-10 Million. He is best-known for his first-person shooter videos as part of YouTube gaming collectives like Sidemen and The Pack; additionally he maintains his own channel that contains both gaming content as well as daily vlogs of his life.

Recently, he has invested in an esports team called London Royal Ravens and worked closely with numerous popular YouTubers including Dream, PewDiePie and Mrbeast. Furthermore, he created an official Minecraft server known as Dream SMP alongside fellow YouTubers GeorgeNotFound and Niki Nihachu.

His first-person shooter videos have gained him immense acclaim and amassed over 7.4 million subscribers on YouTube. Additionally, he provides tutorials about different video games as well as vlogs about gaming life in general.

Young star has quickly made his mark in the gaming community through engaging gameplay and amusing commentary, as well as by amassing a huge following on Twitch that has helped expand his business even further.

Vikkstar has achieved great success so quickly in his career due to both his charismatic personality and outstanding gameplay skills. Never fearful to experiment in gaming environments or take risks to reach his goals, Vikkstar is now recognized worldwide.

As a result, he has become one of the most successful and beloved gamers around.

Vikkstar was born in Guildford, England, to Indian parents. As the youngest of two brothers and a student at Silverdale School in Guildford, he studied YouTube gaming group Sidemen; now part of both YouTube and Twitch with massive followings; also Instagram where he posts pictures/gifs featuring himself and friends he follows – his free time can be found playing basketball and going to gym classes; currently dating Ellie Harlow as his partner.

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