Vanessa Paradis Net Worth Reveals The Settlement She Got After

Vanessa Paradis Net Worth Reveals Settlement She Got After Divorce

Vanessa Paradis is one of France’s best-known actresses and singers, best known for her music cover of Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.” Across film, television, fashion and model photography Paradis has become a household name. Additionally she was previously married to Johnny Depp for twelve years; following their separation, Paradis has since been searching for properties in Malibu and Beverly Hills to call home after appearing at Cafe de Flore. It appears her relationship breakup has had an adverse impact;

Paradis was born in Paris, France on December 22, 1972 to interior designers parents who also worked as music producers; her uncle worked as a music producer; she began singing at eight and first made an appearance on L’Ecole des fans talent show television program in France.

In 1992, Paradis relocated to the US after becoming romantically involved with musician Lenny Kravitz. Once established in America, Paradis quickly learned English and produced her debut English album: Vanessa Paradis, which became a hit across France. Paradis also debuted her acting skills during this period by appearing in several films: Noce Blanche (1989), Elisa (1995), Witch Way Love (1997), Une Chance Sur Deux (1998) and Girl on the Bridge (1999) before making film appearances such as Girl On The Bridge (2010) Heartbreaker and Cafe de Flore (2011)

Karl Lagerfeld chose her as their spokesperson in 1991 with L’Esprit de Chanel commercials and has chosen her for numerous beauty product campaigns such as makeup and perfume from Chanel as well as their handbag line, Ligne Cambon. She has appeared on over 300 magazine covers.

She has excelled at acting, modeling and singing careers as well as been the inspiration for several musicians and lyricists who have written songs specifically for her such as Etienne Roda-Gil, Serge Gainsbourg and Lenny Kravitz who all recorded songs especially written for her. Additionally she has collaborated with numerous directors and producers.

Paradis started dating Samuel Benchetrit, director of her movie Dog. They married in June 2018 and are parents to Jack and Lily-Rose respectively. Paradis is close with designer Marc Jacobs; she can often be found wearing his clothing or jewelry at various events. In addition, Paradis owns two homes: one in Saint-Simeon and one in Plan-de-la-Tour.

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