Usaid Business Forecast

The USAID Business Forecast provides insight into the opportunities that are available in development programs administered by USAID in Washington DC and its missions abroad. The forecast is available in two formats, a PDF and an Excel file. While both should contain the same information, some details may vary from one forecast to another. In some cases, opportunities may be included in one or the other, while others may not be listed at all.

The Business Forecast is an excellent resource for information on potential funding and partnership opportunities. It provides a detailed look at USAID projects, and includes useful information regarding the various awards that are available. This information includes estimated dollar amounts, anticipated date of award, and point of contact at USAID. The Business Forecast is updated daily with information from the A&A Plan, which is used by leadership, technical staff, and program officers to monitor future actions.

The AID Yellow Book includes additional data and information about program requirements that can help partners develop a more accurate USAID business forecast. It can also help enhance a partner’s award management and capture management. It was developed after participants in a Development Essentials course discussed the need for a better USAID business forecast. The USAID Business Forecast typically looks three to nine months ahead, while the AID Yellow Book looks five years into the future.

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