Tristan Jass Net Worth

Tristan Jass Net Worth – How Much Is Tristan Jass Worth?

Tristan Jass is a famous social media star. He has become an Instagram star and has more than two million followers. Since February 2014, he has been uploading videos to his YouTube channel. The videos include basketball skills, trick shots, and informal scrimmages. These videos have gained millions of views worldwide.

He has been able to acquire a considerable wealth from his successful career as a social media celebrity. His YouTube channel has generated more than 500 thousand dollars in the past year. But, his income is largely dependent on the advertising revenue generated from his videos. Some online resources estimate his net worth at between $500 thousand and $700 thousand.

Besides playing basketball, Tristan Jass is also an entrepreneur. He owns a car called Telsa and an Australian Shepherd named Deuce. As of October 2018, he has over one hundred thousand followers on Twitter. And, as of March 2021, he has bought his mother a house. He is not married, but he is in a relationship with Hannah Stone.

When he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a basketball player. During his teenage years, he attended Tremper High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Although he didn’t make it into the school’s team, he was still a good player. Eventually, he received a division I offer to play in college. However, Jass retracted his name from Ottawa University, because he wanted to attend another university.

In high school, he played for the George Nelson Tremper High School team. Later, he graduated from a private high school in Kenosha. While attending college, he took his talents to the NBA Draft combine, and was a candidate for the draft. However, he turned down the offers to join the NBA. At the time, he was a promising college player, and he worked hard to get a scholarship.

Jass is a skilled basketball player, and his talent is a big reason for his success. After a brief appearance on ESPN, he became a popular figure on the Internet. A video of his extreme layups went viral, and the sports website has been covering his gameplay on its official channel. Other publications, such as SBNation, also covered his video.

In addition to his successful social media career, Jass is in a romantic relationship with Hannah Stone. She is also a rising YouTube star. They often appear in each other’s posts. Their mutual passion for basketball is evident.

Jass has also had success on the court, and his video of him sending a high school teacher sprawling with an outrageous layup is well-received. This was one of the reasons why he was featured on the Bleacher Report. He continues to share his basketball skills on his social media accounts, and it’s not surprising that the community on YouTube is so big.

Unlike many other celebrities, Tristan Jass does not smoke. He also does not drink alcohol. Instead, he prefers to workout on the court, and even practices yoga occasionally.

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