Trends In The World Of Automatic Technology

Automatic technology is a trend that has become increasingly prevalent in today’s world. It’s found in virtually every aspect of our lives, from motor vehicles to domestic appliances. Product automation provides many benefits, from enhanced convenience and efficiency to enhanced safety and driver comfort. It’s also found in entertainment electronics and the smart home.

Autonomous Driving

The development of autonomous driving is a significant milestone in the field of auto tech. Many auto brands and technology giants have committed significant amounts of money to research and development. Private companies focused on the field are also attracting record levels of funding. While startups are the frontrunners in the funding game, large corporations are also angling for a piece of the self-driving pie. According to CB Insights, the world’s leading automotive companies have joined the ranks of companies that are working on autonomous vehicles.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has become a popular trend in the world of automatic technology, with many industries now relying on this technology for more than just routine tasks. According to a Deloitte survey, 67% of companies use machine learning today, and 97% plan to do so in the coming year. Even legacy companies are starting to use machine learning to unlock new value and increase efficiency.

Remote Control

Remote control is a revolutionary new technology that can control automatic devices without a human being. It was originally designed by Nikola Tesla and first demonstrated in the late 1800s at Madison Square Garden. In 1903, another European scientist, Leonardo Torres, presented a remote controlled boat in Bilbao, Spain. The device used electromagnetic waves to guide the small craft to a dock. Later, he tried to use it to control a dirigible airship.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have been gaining real traction in the marketplace. At the turn of the 20th century, the United States had about a quarter of all vehicles powered by electricity. By the 1920s, though, the market had virtually disappeared, with prices significantly higher than gasoline engines. Today, however, battery technology has advanced significantly, and manufacturers are pursuing ways to improve affordability and performance.


5G is the next generation of mobile technology that will allow companies to deliver faster speeds and greater capacity to their customers. This will allow them to serve more people and more applications simultaneously. The speed of 5G will be 10 to 100 times faster than the current 4G technology. It will also give businesses the opportunity to rent isolated network slices and separate simpler devices from the more complex ones.


Slicing in the world of automatic technology consists of letting a handset choose from different slices of a network. Currently, this approach is being studied by different parties, including Ericsson and the GSMA. It will enable handsets to choose the kind of traffic that will be served by the network.

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