Travis Kalanick Net Worth 2022

Travis Kalanick Net Worth 2022

Travis Kalanick may be most commonly associated with ride-hailing company Uber. Since its founding, Uber has grown into an influential transportation service that’s available worldwide. But few know that Kalanick has amassed immense wealth through other business ventures and charitable works; additionally he’s an avid philanthropist and investor with wide ranging interests.

Kalanick amasses most of his fortune through Uber Technologies, a ride-hailing company he co-founded in 2009. As CEO until 2017, when he resigned due to allegations of harassment and discrimination at Uber. Beyond Uber, Kalanick co-founded several successful technology businesses. Additionally he owns stakes in food delivery service CloudKitchens as well as numerous businesses through various investments.

As of November 2019, Kalanick had an estimated net worth of $6 billion as estimated by Forbes. Much of his fortune can be attributed to his massive stake in Uber, valued at more than $120 billion and trading at its record high price of $54 per share. While Kalanick has sold off some shares over time, he still holds more than 90% of his original stake in the company.

Kalanick was born and raised in Los Angeles’ Northridge neighborhood, attending Granada Hills Charter High School before attending UCLA to study computer engineering and business economics – where he joined Theta Xi fraternity. Kalanick dropped out in 1998 to focus on his start-up company Scour Inc, developing multimedia search technology as well as Scour Exchange to allow users to share files online – but soon found himself facing legal threats from film boards, ultimately filing bankruptcy in 2001 before creating Red Swoosh – which eventually acquired by Akamai Technologies for acquisition later that same year.

After leaving Uber, Kalanick expanded his business interests by founding 10100 Venture Capital LLC, investing in real estate, e-commerce and emerging technologies. Additionally, he established Crashpad, a technology incubator providing space to entrepreneurs that rent it from him; Crashpad now holds shares valued at more than $100 million according to Kalanick’s valuation of its stake in it.

Kalanick has made significant efforts in both business and philanthropy to support educational and youth development programs, including donating $10 million for a new medical school at University of California Riverside as well as various disaster relief efforts.

Kalanick first began dating Victoria’s Secret model Daniela Lopez Osorio in 2021; however, they later parted ways due to their fortune. Both individuals are very wealthy; together they own numerous luxurious assets including an apartment in Soho as well as in 2019 purchasing an extravagant New York City penthouse with a rooftop pool for $750,000 and in LA they own an $8.2 million mansion worth $43.3 million as well as possessing art collections and rare cars.

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