Top Questions To Ask When Visiting a Diamond Store

Many factors can impact the quality and style of diamonds, so it’s helpful to ask your jeweler specific questions before making a purchase. Visiting a diamond store and exploring its inventory can help you prepare questions that will help you find your ideal stone. Here are some of the top questions to ask when you’re shopping for diamond jewelry:

Are Your Diamonds Certified?

Diamond certification indicates quality characteristics like the stone’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Gemstone analysis labs like the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society┬áprovide independent diamond testing and grading. Ask your jeweler if each diamond is certified as genuine, which lab issued the analysis report, and request to view certificates. Certification from a respected grading lab supports the diamond’s value.

What Diamond Shapes Do You Carry?

Each diamond shape has distinctions in sparkle, silhouette, and facet patterns. If you want a traditional, timeless look, explore classic round cuts. If you want something more unique, explore options like oval, cushion, emerald, and radiant cuts. Your jeweler should describe the unique properties of the different shapes within their inventory. Share your style preferences to help the jeweler suggest diamond shapes suited to you.

What Range of Diamond Sizes Is Available?

Carat weight impacts a diamond’s appearance and price. Ask what carat sizes your diamond store has in stock to determine availability. They should have small and medium diamonds readily on hand with the ability to order large diamonds for customers. Look for a store with a wide selection of diamonds to find the carat weight that matches your sparkle preferences and budget.

Do You Sell Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds offer ethical, affordable alternatives to mined diamonds. Ask if the jeweler sells both natural and lab-grown stones and whether they’re clearly distinguished. Reputable retailers disclose their diamonds’ origins without disguising lab diamonds as mined. If they offer lab-grown diamonds, review the stones’ credentials to identify their sources and quality comparisons.

Can I View Diamonds in Multiple Lighting Conditions?

Lighting impacts a diamond’s appearance. Standard overhead lighting differs from natural light, so ask to view the stones under various conditions to observe how they shine. Reputable jewelers should be willing to show their diamonds under incandescent, LED, and daylight bulbs. Examine a diamond’s full brilliance under these lights before purchasing.

What Are Your Payment Plans and Warranty Protections?

It is common for customers to finance diamond purchases as they are significant investments. Ask your jeweler about the financing and layaway options they provide. Ask whether your purchase includes a warranty against damage or defects. Some jewelers offer lifetime complimentary cleaning and maintenance services with your purchase. Jewelry stores may also offer trade-in programs that allow you to sell your diamond back and put its value toward purchasing a new stone.

Ask the Right Questions When Visiting a Diamond Store

When you visit a jewelry store, take the time to ask the jeweler questions about their inventory before buying a diamond. With the variety of diamond qualities and jeweler specialties on the market, asking about a diamond’s certification and place of origin helps you make an informed purchase. Ask the jeweler about their stones’ brilliance, shapes, and carats to find a diamond that matches your preferences and budget. Visit a diamond store today to learn more about finding the right diamond for you.

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