Tom Suozzi Net Worth

Tom Suozzi Net Worth

Thomas Richard Suozzi is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 Million dollars, as an American politician he spent most of his professional life as mayor of Long Island and Boston College before transitioning into private auditing work with Arthur Anderson & Co and litigation work at Shearman & Sterling respectively. Additionally he attended Chaminade High School on Long Island before graduating Boston College before earning a law degree at Fordham University Law School.

He serves on the House Ways and Means Committee and as Vice Chair of the Bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. Additionally, he belongs to several Congressional Caucuses on Climate Action and Quiet Skies Caucus groups as well as being involved with Asian Pacific American Caucus and International Trade legislation.

Tom Suozzi has championed reforms that strengthen our military, create jobs, boost economic growth and increase access to health care and education services for New Yorkers from minority backgrounds. He strives to reach out to everyone living in his or her district ensuring everyone has equal chances to thrive and prosper.

As chairman of the House Small Business Committee, Suozzi has taken great strides to strengthen the economy and empower small businesses to compete globally. He has promoted legislation enabling small business owners access capital more easily while spearheading efforts to protect American workers against harmful labor practices.

Suozzi has taken great strides toward fighting for the middle class and guaranteeing all Americans access to quality health care, but he’s also taken on Congress partisanship by working toward unification between Republicans and Democrats for our nation’s benefit. On immigration matters he has taken an active leadership role by visiting twice the southern border to see firsthand conditions that immigrants face.

Suozzi made waves as Nassau County executive, publicly speaking out about crushing state Medicaid costs that were being forced upon local governments throughout New York State and sparking a grassroots movement among elected officials to force Albany into reforming a broken system. His persistence paid dividends for New York taxpayers when Moody’s, Fitch and Standard & Poor’s put Nassau County back on an A bond rating list after 12 years!

Suozzi quickly established himself as a strong leader on economic issues shortly after entering Congress as a freshman member, campaigning for stronger oversight of Wall Street and expanded opportunities for American workers to acquire skills necessary to compete in today’s 21st century economy. Furthermore, he advocated for tax cuts which have helped create jobs while keeping more hard-earned income with families – something Suozzi strongly champions himself as an advocate of women’s rights and LGBT equality.

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