Todd Frazier Net Worth

Todd Frazier Net Worth

Todd Frazier is an American professional baseball player currently playing third base for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball (MLB). Prior to this he held positions with Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, Yankees, Rutgers University baseball club as well as college baseball at Rutgers. Frazier is a devout Christian and uses his platform to raise awareness for mental health issues through advocacy work he engages in through speaking engagements or blogging posts about mental illness awareness campaigns. Married and mother of two.

Frazier was born February 12 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey of part-Scottish heritage. His family have been very encouraging of his career path; he credits them with helping him attain success in boxing. While attending high school he achieved tremendous success, garnering multiple awards and honors before going on to Rutgers University where he was recognized with their Big East Player of the Year honor.

As soon as he was selected by the Cincinnati Reds in 2007, Frazier was expected to become one of their star players. Through hard work and perseverance, his efforts paid off quickly; quickly becoming fan favorites with powerful swing that has resulted in many home runs for him.

Frazier was traded from the Cincinnati Reds to the Chicago White Sox for Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson before eventually signing with the New York Yankees in 2017. On July 26, 2017 against his former team, Cincinnati Reds, Frazier hit his inaugural home run as a Yankee; later that season he signed a two-year deal.

Frazier has amassed an extensive wealth through properties and cars he owns that contribute to his overall wealth. These assets include his luxurious house in Toms River, New Jersey worth approximately $1.5 million as well as expensive cars such as an Alfa Romeo and Tesla that add to this total amount. He also holds several endorsement deals and sponsorships that contribute to his overall wealth.

Todd Frazier is also an accomplished businessman and philanthropist, having donated money to numerous charities while advocating mental health awareness. Additionally, he has opened up about his struggles with anxiety and depression while encouraging others to seek professional help if experiencing similar symptoms; additionally he works to spread the importance of staying hydrated and eating healthily.

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