Today Net Worth Octomom

How Rich is Today Net Worth Octomom?

Nadya Suleman became an instant media phenomenon upon giving birth to her eight octuplets back in 2009, sparking widespread media interest and disrupting her life in an instant. Already having six children of her own at that point, their arrival caused much speculation as everyone wondered whether or not she could care for eight newborns simultaneously; as it turns out she managed this and earned herself significant cash flow that has allowed her to buy her family plenty of things they needed.

Kate Gosselin and Nadya Suleman’s celebrity gravy train has come to a grinding halt, leaving both on the brink of bankruptcy. Suleman recently filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy citing up to $1 Million in debt and up to $50,000 in assets; she claims doing this is best for her children as it gives them a fresh start.

Before becoming known as Octomom, Suleman worked as a psychiatric technician at a state mental hospital and later as a counselor for a drug rehabilitation center. She also appeared in music videos and commercials before giving birth. At that point, everything changed for Suleman who began making money off of her image and the attention surrounding it.

Though she earns most of her income through media appearances and her children, she also makes money from odd jobs such as appearing in adult film “666 the Devil’s Child” or modeling semi-nude for Closer UK magazine.

Suleman currently relies on public assistance to support her large family of 14. Her grandmother lives with the children and works part-time to cover for all their needs; additionally she sells some clothing and baby items to make ends meet.

Octomom has always maintained that she does not regret having eight octuplets and loves each of them equally; yet, raising them has been challenging due to financial requirements associated with having such a large household.

However, Octomom has done everything she can to bring in extra income. She has appeared on various morning shows and magazines; made two appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show; received financial advice from Suze Orman and ultimately estimated her worth at roughly $300,000. Unlike before when millions were being brought in.

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