Tim Donaghy Net Worth

Tim Donaghy Net Worth

Tim Donaghy Net Worth Tim Donaghy is a prominent American former professional basketball referee best known for his involvement in an NBA gambling scandal that rocked the sport in 2007. Following his arrest and jailing for placing bets on games he officiated, this scandal ended his 13-year NBA career; during which time he officiated 772 regular season and 20 playoff games while writing numerous books and appearing on various television programs.

Whistleblower, his podcast detailing the scandal he was embroiled in. Additionally, he made appearances in several documentaries. Born to a father who refereed collegiate basketball refereeing events at Stanford, young Alex became immersed in sports at an early age; attending Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield Pennsylvania before enrolling at Villanova University majoring in sales and marketing before becoming a high school basketball official himself.

Tim Donaghy was an iconic American sports referee until 2007, when he became embroiled in an NBA gambling scandal which resulted in him serving 15 months of imprisonment. Donaghy used his inside knowledge of players, coaches and owners he officiated games for to place bets on them using information from inside sources such as his affiliations to players coaches and owners as part of his scheme to profiteer by placing bets using information available through them on games he officiated – something the FBI eventually investigated before compelling him resigning as an NBA refereee due to their investigation of actions.

Tim Donaghy began placing bets on NBA games approximately seven years ago, earning close to $400,000 annually from stock investments and playoff incentives he received as a result. His betting proved successful and soon began yielding returns of approximately $2,000 per successful pick made.

In his book, Private Foul: An Inside Account of the NBA Scandal, Donaghy recounts an incident when he called a technical foul against Rasheed Wallace for throwing a ball at another referee during a game. After the match ended, Wallace confronted Donaghy and threatened him; fearing for his safety, Donaghy reported this incident to the FBI.

After his release from prison, he published his memoir and became an analyst for sports betting websites. Additionally, he worked as a referee in WWE MLW; further work may include television and movie productions.

Tim Donaghy was born January 7th 1967 in Havertown, Pennsylvania and attended Cardinal O’Hara High School before going onto Villanova University to study sales and marketing. Tim grew up in Delaware County of Pennsylvania – an area renowned for sports – and quickly realized he wanted to join its world of athletics. His father served as an official for college basketball games; therefore, Tim became an avid follower of Philadelphia 76ers basketball during this period. Refereeing varsity basketball games led him to joining the NBA referee ranks in 1994, officiating 772 regular season and 20 playoff games before his involvement in a gambling scandal caused him to resign in July 2007. Since then he has published two books, served as an analyst for various sports betting websites and hosted his own podcast about it all.

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