Things Included In A Starter Dab Kit And How To Use Them

Dabbing is known as one of the most popular forms of THC consumption. Many connoisseurs in the field know how to get the right experience. If you are new to the world of dabbing consumables, you might have to spend some time learning how to do it correctly. Dabbing can provide you with the experience you are looking for in the quickest way possible, thus, becoming your go-to way of consuming THC.

Dabbing is leading the way when it comes to taking a trip to the cosmos, but for a good experience, you should know the equipment you will require. Before investing in any brand, you must thoroughly understand a dab kit’s ingredients. A starter dab kit is an exclusive bundle of all necessities you might need before starting dabbing. These kits allow you to enjoy concentrates, whether flavored seshes or powerful high-temperature dabs.

What Does A Basic Kit Include?

A basic dab kit or a starter dab kit has all the components required for your first dabbing experience. Most regular users prefer the basic kit as it takes the dab rig setup to the next level, where you can enjoy the seshes.

A started kit includes the following:

  • Dabbing rig
  • Nail
  • Torch
  • Dabbing tools
  • Hands-free base
  • Other dabbing accessories

How To Use A Dab Kit?

The various components of the dab kit have particular uses that add to the overall experience. If you are a novice, you might not know how each element is used. These kits usually come with instructions on how to use and store them properly. It is essential to understand the use of each component before you start with your game:

Dab Rig

This is the main component that helps you assemble your water bond. You can use a dab rig to cool the smoke to help you adjust the harshness of concentrates. Most rigs are similar in their setup, each having a base chamber where the water is held up. There is a downstream on either side of the rig where you place your nail. Covering the space with a nail or a dome helps prevent any THC vapor leakage from the rig.


The nail helps vaporize the concentrates inside the rig to enhance the dabbing experience. It is heated using the torch provided with the kit, and concentrates are placed on the nail right after it sets at the right temperature.

Nails must be made from highly resistant metals, which involve external heat and pressure at high temperatures. Starter kits usually come with glass or quartz nails, which provide stability and durability for a long time.


The torch is used to heat the nail to reach the correct vaporization levels. It is a highly conductive component that can be superheated and is a significant part of the basic dab kit. They heat the nail to the right temperature to allow the substance to vaporize.

Dabbing Tools

Dabbing tools, provided with most of the kits, help to consume THC easily. Dab tools further include two types of tools: picker and paddler. They are mostly steel and double-sided, with a paddler being good for crumbly concentrates and a pick being efficient for stickier ones.


Hopefully, now you can understand the essential uses of some significant components of a dabbing kit. You will mainly require these pieces if you want to start your dabbing journey. A starter kit of good quality lasts you longer and better than some premium quality kits. These are easy to use and cost-efficient, making them the obvious choice for many people.

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