Terence Crawford Net Worth 2021

Terence Crawford Net Worth 2021

Terence Crawford is a three-division undisputed champion and number one welterweight fighter worldwide. Since turning pro in 2008, Terence Crawford has amassed an incredible 38-2 win record without suffering any defeat in 39 fights he’s engaged in – never once having experienced defeat! He has amassed several lucrative endorsement deals that have helped bolster his bank balance significantly. Now set to face Errol Spence Jr in an undisputed welterweight championship fight and likely earning a huge payday as part of it, we take a closer look at Nebraskan boxer’s life, career earnings, biggest purse earned thus far as well as endorsement deals that have propelled him into becoming the richest pound-for-pound fighter ever!

How Much Does Terence Crawford Earn Per Fight? Most of Terence Crawford’s income comes from prize fighting, but he is also well-known for securing lucrative sponsorship deals outside the ring that have had a considerable effect on both his salary and net worth – examples being sports equipment firm Everlast as well as brands like Populum Snac & Zilliqa that help increase his fortunes.

Crawford is notoriously difficult to hit in the ring and boasts an array of skills that make him almost impossible to defeat. While he is an exceptional boxer and one of the finest fighters around, his real strength lies in his mental agility and ability to quickly adapt on his feet; this makes him such a lethal fighter. Additionally, Crawford’s unmatched strategist skills help ensure every opponent faces off with an attack plan; making Crawford an extremely effective fighter who cannot be underestimated.

Crawford remains humble despite his professional success and remains down-to-earth person. He regularly supports local charities in Omaha and gives time and talent to organizations dedicated to youth work. Furthermore, he established a sports academy and participated in charitable missions across Africa to aid those less fortunate than himself.

Crawford prefers family over flashy cars and expensive jewellery when it comes to his off-ring lifestyle. Happily married to Alindra Person and together they have several children; often seen spending quality time at their Omaha home which features numerous rooms and amenities for quality time together.

Couple are known to frequently visit their Hawaii vacation home with its stunning outdoor pool and ocean view. When not busy training or fighting, fighter enjoys playing video games and golf – also has a passion for classic cars including one once owned by legendary boxer Muhammad Ali himself – including an 1986 Pontiac Cutlass Supreme that used to belong to him!

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