Takkarist McKinley Net Worth

The San Francisco 49ers attempted to enhance an already weak pass rush by claiming former Falcons EDGE Takkarist McKinley off waivers; however, after failing his physical, he was placed on injured reserve and will require further evaluation.

McKinley was selected in the first-round in 2017 but has yet to live up to his draft status, recording just 3.5 sacks over his three seasons of NFL action.

Early Life and Education

Takkarist McKinley proudly carried a picture of his late grandmother onto the Atlanta Falcons stage Thursday night as they selected him with 26th overall pick in first round draft, fulfilling a promise to her from far away and hoping she was pleased that it happened despite not being there herself to witness it all firsthand. “May my dearest grandmother be proud wherever she may be,” he exclaimed as tears streamed down his cheeks.

Myrtle Collins died in July 2011 at 71, having raised her son with all the care, love and knowledge that was available at that time – including how to survive life itself.

McKinley was driven by faith and family throughout his childhood in poverty; this story serves as an inspiring example that your dreams can come true no matter your background or who you are.

Professional Career

McKinley may not live up to his draft status, but he remains a high-motor player with much to prove. The Browns hope that they can revive a player who had six sacks as a rookie and seven the following season.

Takkarist McKinley will look to use the 2022 NFL season as an opportunity to return to form. Known for his celebratory antics, McKinley hopes that those tools can work to his advantage this time around.

McKinley will look forward to meeting NFC South quarterbacks Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Jameis Winston face-to-face and using celebrations as an aid for his teammates.

Achievement and Honors

Takkarist McKinley proudly presented himself at the podium after being selected 26th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft with a big framed photo of his grandmother, fulfilling a promise he made her shortly before she passed away. He hopes she would be proud of him wherever she may now be living.

Takk McKinley’s life has taken some unexpected twists and turns. From high school football, JUCO, and eventually UCLA where he excelled as a defensive end. Plowing through offensive lines with ease and notching 10 sacks his freshman year made for an unforgettable journey.

Now he is back where it all began; signing with the Rams after suffering an Achilles tendon rupture during 2021 season and hoping that McKinley can contribute as an integral member of their defense.

Personal Life

Takkarist McKinley was raised without either of his parents and never knew him personally. Myrtle Collins became his lifeline; she taught him that how they lived their lives was entirely up to them. It was during this time he pledged his allegiance to Division I football as his goal and promised her it would become reality.

At his rookie season, he started 11 games but had to miss the rest due to an Achilles injury. Now back with the Browns organization, he hopes he can find his form again as they have shown their unconditional support and given him an opportunity to become his best self again – this would provide much-needed stability while dealing with injuries and personal issues in his past career.

Net Worth

Takkarist McKinley boasts a net worth of $21 Million. As an Atlanta Falcons first round draft pick for 2017, he earned himself $21 Million through defensive end contracts drafted at UCLA before going pro in 2017.

McKinley never knew his biological father and was raised by his grandmother who worked mines and water cans to pay her bills. Breaking into the NFL was his life-long goal from California.

Andrew Berry of the Cleveland Browns had McKinley on his radar for some time and is delighted he’s finally joined their organization as a defensive end. This season, McKinley has recorded 13 tackles and 1.5 sacks; he should return in Week 9. In that game, they host Pittsburgh Steelers.

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