Tailgate N Go Net Worth

Tailgate N Go Net Worth – Who is Ron, Taylor, and Kobe Johnson?

Tailgate N Go was developed by Ron, Taylor, and Kobe Johnson of the Johnson family who made an appearance on Shark Tank in 2019. In hopes of finding investment through this show, their business required additional assistance; therefore they proposed asking for $250,000 as equity investment with 10% ownership for 10% stake of their business.

Tailgate N Go, founded in Colorado in 2017, provides outdoor equipment such as an all-in-one mobile kitchen kit for camping and tailgating, heavy equipment rentals and sales, family camping trips and heavy machinery rental and sales. Their business model was inspired by their father’s love of the outdoors and they have seen rapid expansion since starting up.

Ron, Taylor and Kobe Johnson are an established entrepreneurial family with extensive experience. Growing up learning about business from their dad encouraged independence. Alongside running their own media firm they are also active investors in other start-ups with unique takes on outdoor gear markets; striving to outwit larger rivals.

Matt Higgins pitched Tailgate N Go to the panel of judges on season 11’s fifth episode, who then interrogated Johnsons about their business plan and offered them $250,000 for 20% equity plus an additional $50 per unit royalty fee (via Shark Tank Recap). They ultimately accepted Higgins offer and accepted his terms – 20% equity plus $50 royalty per unit sale as per Shark Tank Recap.

After their episode aired, the Johnsons saw an exponentially greater sales surge for their product. According to Shark Tank Recap, in the months post-show sales hit $400,000 which represented an approximate 60% increase from pre-show numbers.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, this business has experienced steady success and expansion. Their inventory now includes additional items, and licensing deals have even been secured with NFL and NCAA teams – an estimated annual revenue estimate is around $1 Million for their operations.

Although the company has experienced much success, its owners remain relatively silent on their net worths; however, reports indicate they may be worth over $7 million combined. They are making significant contributions back into their community through charitable giving to local organizations and charities. They have donated over $4 Million so far, with plans to continue the practice going forward. Their team behind the business are confident in its products being successful in helping those less fortunate than themselves. The founders of this business are committed to customer satisfaction, and strive to make each experience with them outstanding. Their products aim to be the best on the market; and their focus on receiving feedback from their clients to refine and perfect them further is one of the primary factors contributing to its rapid expansion. This dedication has resulted in incredible growth for this enterprise.

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