Swimply Net Worth 2022

Swimply Pool Rental Update 2023

An outdoor swimming pool is the dream of many, yet its financial commitment can be substantial. Bunim Laskin realized this and created Swimply – an online marketplace where pool owners can rent their pools by hour to swimmers nearby for use during swim sessions – like Airbnb for pools! Since 2017, this platform has offered over 15,000 rentals in 103 cities across both America and Australia with charges including guest service fees for rental guests and 15% commission from homeowners.

Laskin and Asher Weinberger founded a business called Underutilized Pools that is now valued at $10 Million, connecting homeowners who own underused backyard pools or recreational spaces with those looking for affordable ways to cool off or exercise. According to Laskin, Underutilized Pools boasts a growing customer base that makes it well-positioned for continued expansion.

Mayfield and GGV Capital provide financial backing, while its founders remain the majority shareholders and control an overwhelming percentage of voting stock. Although it has encountered difficulties since its formation, Aqua Play Pool Rental has managed to overcome them and is now one of the premier pool rental businesses.

Bunim Laskin’s Swimply Pool Rental business has proven a huge success since appearing on ABC reality show Shark Tank in 2016. Since appearing, it has raised more than $40 million in funding and grown exponentially to accommodate over 5 million users and over 3,000 active listings – in addition to offering premium pool maintenance and cleaning services.

On the show, Laskin pitched his company to the Sharks in hopes of landing an investment deal and requested $300,000. Instead, however, they declined his offer due to his unimpressive business plan and declined the deal.

Some of the Sharks were interested in investing in this business venture; others, however, were skeptical of its model and projections. Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary in particular were dubious of how accurate those numbers were while Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban did not believe them either.

Laskin was fortunate that his show was well received, and since its airing, his company has experienced enormous success within the sharing economy. Since the episode aired, revenue doubled and expansion into both US and Australia occurred.

Technology can be used to bring people together and make them more resourceful; Pooltopia exemplifies this effect in a positive manner and has also increased pool ownership rates across both Australia and the US. While its exact worth remains uncertain, Pooltopia seems set on expanding rapidly – helping improve lives around the globe!

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