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Susur Lee, a Canadian chef renowned for his restaurants and television appearances like Top Chef Masters and Iron Chef Canada. His restaurants have garnered critical acclaim, while he has written cookbooks.

He enjoys an impressive following on social media platforms; with over 1 million Instagram followers and 1.3 million YouTube subscribers. His fans regularly engage in Q&A sessions. In addition, he frequently works with other influencers to promote their brands or create content for them.

Susur Lee reportedly currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $107 Million, derived largely from his restaurants, television appearance fees, book sales and salary for television appearances. Married to Brenda Bent-Lee with three children Kai, Levi, and Jet. Prefers keeping personal life private by not disclosing details regarding past relationships.

Cooks served their culinary apprenticeship at Hong Kong’s famed Peninsula Hotel before immigrating to Canada in 1978. There they met and married Marilou Covey who tragically passed away aboard Korean Air Lines Flight 007 when it was shot down by Soviet fighter jets; Brenda Bent-Lee became their new bride shortly thereafter.

Susur Lee has made his mark as an award-winning restaurateur by opening numerous highly successful eateries across the United States and competing on popular cooking show Iron Chef where he defeated several competitors. Additionally, Susur served as judge on Chopped Canada as well as executive chef at multiple different establishments.

Susur Lee is also known for his involvement in charitable endeavors outside the kitchen, acting as an avid proponent for animal welfare and hosting charity events to raise money for various organizations. Furthermore, he has assisted other aspiring chefs find success through sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Susur Lee’s restaurants are renowned for their innovative fusion cuisine and luxurious dining experiences, located in Toronto. These venues have earned numerous accolades from both local and national publications for using fresh ingredients in their food preparation while drawing inspiration from Chinese culture in their design.

Susur Lee has earned himself a significant following on social media through both his successful culinary career and videos showcasing lifestyle, travel, and cooking tips. Additionally, his videos showcase delicious dish creations he’s posted. These have been watched over three million times! When not cooking or spending time with his family he can be found enjoying time spent online.

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