Suraj Nambiar Net Worth

Suraj Nambiar Net Worth

Suraj Nambiar net worth has been built through various business ventures he has pursued over time. As founder and CEO of Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment – which offers sports management and event planning services – he has created considerable wealth over time through this venture alone. Cornerstone’s success with major athletes like LeBron James has significantly added to his fortune, further contributing to Suraj’s overall net worth.

Suraj Nambiar hails from Bengaluru, India and currently resides in Dubai with his family. He first came into prominence after marrying Mouni Roy, an iconic Indian actress. Suraj holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering as an entrepreneur; additionally he received his master’s in International Management from Stanford University. Additionally he enjoys travel, adventure sports, as well as leading an active lifestyle including regular physical fitness exercises to stay healthy.

He has an engaging sense of humor and enjoys parties with his friends; frequently hosting new year celebrations at his house. An animal enthusiast, he lives with two pets including an adorable pup named Mollie who resides at his house. When not partying he likes boating and biking trips with them. In his free time he takes part in boating trips as well as football-watching – considering Lionel Messi his favorite player- watching football matches as a favorite team member while photographing all his adventures to share on social media accounts!

Suraj is an immensely successful entrepreneur with an enormous net worth and is widely respected for his generosity and integrity. He has helped countless people realize their goals while giving back to the community in numerous ways – serving as an inspirational role model to young entrepreneurs and inspiring anyone looking for financial independence.

Even with his busy schedule, he finds time for his wife and children. You may see them together at social gatherings or public events. His relationship with his wife is strong; he supports her career endeavors with open arms.

He has become an active user of social media, boasting over 200,000 followers on Instagram alone. He regularly shares pictures from his luxurious life and daily activities – such as living in Dubai with his family; owning several branded cars; traveling widely and enjoying extreme sports (he has posted photos on his social media account of himself engaging in such activities); living an extravagant life overall!

He is of Jain faith, with Indian nationality. Educated at R V College of Engineering with a betechlar degree in civil engineering he then went to Stanford University for further study in International Management as a master’s degree candidate. Since then he has owned his own management company as well as serving as Director Head for Capital Markets within UAE; making great strides forward and further expanding it day-by-day.

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