Sully Erna Net Worth


Sully Erna Net Worth

Sully Erna, known for being the lead singer and primary songwriter for Godsmack, enjoys an immense fan following. With multiple albums released to rave reviews by fans worldwide – Godsmack has sold over 20 million records worldwide; three albums reached number one. Sully Erna’s net worth has been estimated at around $15 Million due to his wealth accrued through music industry efforts as well as endorsement deals such as Pearl Drums, PDP drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks & Gibson guitars – as well as being involved with these companies through endorsement deals such as Pearl Drums PDP drums Zildjian Cymbals Vic Firth drumsticks & Gibson guitars etc.

Sully Erna has an incredible family and is deeply in love with JoAnna Wortham, whom he married on February 7, 1968 and shares four decades together. This couple have enjoyed being together and remain very contented. Sully Erna was born February 7, 1968 as an Aquarius; his Instagram page currently boasts millions of followers! Not to mention his amazing voice and talent for music performance!

Sully’s parents are immensely proud of his talent, encouraging him to pursue music at every opportunity. Sully was introduced to music at an early age; starting to play drums at age three while practicing alongside his trumpet-playing father who used sheet music. By age 11, Sully found it easier playing by ear.

He possesses an impressive vocal range and is adept at conveying emotions through music. He has written and recorded multiple albums such as Avalon in 2010, which became a huge success and received multiple awards for its release. Furthermore, his memoir entitled: The Paths We Choose was also published.

He spends his free time enjoying spending time with his wife and children as well as hiking and camping trips. Additionally, he loves animals such as horses which he often sees riding. Finally, he is an advocate of natural religion Wicca.

Chip and Joanna Gaines Net Worth

This power couple have become household names in the home remodeling business. Featured on multiple TV shows and with millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram accounts, their net worth stands at $20 Million with most earnings generated through house remodeling business activities or ventures related to Upper Fixer (their television show).

Joanna is an extraordinary interior designer with an exceptional eye for making things look modern and energised. Her specialty lies in making old things seem brand-new again. Additionally, Joanna possesses an aptitude for cooking which has led her to host various cooking shows.

This couple is very close, sharing many aspects of life together. Their strong bond and determination has allowed them to achieve everything that they have desired in life.

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