Stephanie Powers Net Worth

How Much is Stefanie Powers Net Worth?

Stefanie Powers, 79 years old and one of America’s most beloved actors, has been an iconic figure since her career began in the 1960s. She earned a large net worth through her work as an actress.

The actress has starred in a variety of films and television shows. Her most renowned role as Jennifer Hart on the hit series Hart to Hart earned her two Emmy nominations and five Golden Globe nominations.

She has also starred in the television movie A Death in Canaan, which follows the investigation of a murder case in Connecticut. Powers stars as Joan Barthel, a freelance writer who brings attention to the case.

She was raised in Los Angeles by her mother Juliana Dimitria Golan and stepfather William Henry Billie. As a teenager, she attended Hollywood High School where she excelled as a cheerleader.

She was raised without her parents after their separation when she was young, and was especially close to her mother until the day of her passing in 2009 at 96 years old from pneumonia.

At 18 years old, she met Robert Wagner who would eventually become her husband and co-star on the Hart to Hart television series. Together they would share numerous credits across theatre and screen over the following decade.

Their relationship was sometimes challenging, but they shared an intense love. She remembers him as the ‘love of my life. We would fight and cry together but always managed to come out on the other side.’

Powers credits her partner Bill with helping her overcome alcoholism by sharing her love of animals. “Papuga,” their pet parrot, was especially affectionate and often perched on his shoulder,” Powers recalls. She has owned numerous pets throughout her lifetime including an English sheepdog, cat and dog.

She owns a home and farm on the South Downs, as well as other residences in Hollywood and Kenya where she founded the William Holden Wildlife Foundation in 1981 in memory of both her late lover, actor William Holden, whom she loved deeply and passed away that same year.

Her career as an actress has encompassed a wide variety of roles and genres, such as romantic comedies, dramas and teen films. Additionally, she has performed in numerous plays throughout the U.K.

After her time in the entertainment industry, she opened a law practice. Additionally, she enjoys playing polo and has become close to Prince Charles through their shared interest of sport.

When she’s not working on her legal or acting career, she enjoys reading, travelling and cooking. Additionally, she owns a dog named Callie whom she takes everywhere with her.

The actress boasts a net worth of $10 million, which she has amassed through her acting career and other sources.

Stefanie Powers was born on November 2, 1942 in Hollywood, California, USA and her estimated net worth as of 2022 is $10 million, as per various websites. To learn more about her wealth, visitors are invited to visit her official website for further details.

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