Sheila Ford Hamp Net Worth

Sheila Ford Hamp Net Worth

Sheila Ford Hamp is the principal owner and chairman of the Detroit Lions, as well as one of the most successful NFL owners in history. With an eye for rebuilding the franchise, Ford Hamp has a clear plan in place.

She is a direct descendant of both Ford and Firestone family fortunes, holding both a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and MA in teaching/early childhood education from Boston University. Additionally, she serves on the NFL’s Super Bowl & Major Events Committee where she has served as vice chairperson since 2014.

Her mother, Martha Firestone Ford, passed on ownership of the Detroit Lions to her daughter Sheila in June 2020. As an active advocate for Detroit and its youth, Sheila strives to guarantee that young people have a chance at success.

In the NFL, success requires a great deal of dedication and time. Sheila has dedicated herself to making sure the Lions become competitive again by making some bold decisions other owners couldn’t afford. As such, Sheila’s efforts have been instrumental in expediting their rebuilding process.

Sheila enjoys spending her free time with her husband and their three children, as well as reading novels and traveling. When not working on the Lions project, you can find Sheila spending quality time with family members by her side.

Sheila has collaborated with numerous organizations and been instrumental in creating positive changes for Detroit, especially downtown. Her involvement has included joining forces with both Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and Purple Rose Theatre Company of Chelsea.

In addition to her ownership of the Detroit Lions, she serves on several boards such as Henry Ford (as vice chairman), Ford Motor Company Fund and Edsel and Eleanor Ford House. Furthermore, she’s part of Detroit Lions Charities.

Sheila is not only an accomplished businesswoman, but she is also a highly decorated athlete. She was a high school tennis champion and later earned her bachelor’s degree from Yale University in 1973.

After college, she began coaching youth soccer in Ann Arbor and later on became a varsity tennis player at the college level. A member of the National Women’s Tennis Association, she currently teaches tennis lessons at Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

She is married to Steve Hamp and they have three children together. The couple resides in Ann Abbor, Michigan.

They have two children, Jolie and William; they reside on the Detroit Riverfront in Chelsea.

Jolie, their daughter, is currently a student at Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills and hopes to pursue a career in journalism. She enjoys watching sports and enjoys spending her free moments watching the Lions play football.

Sheila is an active owner with a clear vision for rebuilding the Lions. Her strong work ethic and willingness to take risks with her team that others might not be able to afford make her unique in this regard. Additionally, Sheila enjoys an excellent relationship with both team management and players that allows her to remain closely tied to the organization.

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