Sasha Obama Clifton Powell Jr Net Worth

Sasha Obama and Clifton Powell Jr Net Worth

Sasha Obama, the eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, has been dating Clifton Powell Jr. for several days now and the couple has already made headlines due to their relationship.

Recently, Sasha Obama and Clifton Powell were spotted together in LA. It appeared that the two are deeply into each other! Dressed identically, the couple looked absolutely content while taking a casual stroll.

Clifton Powell (CP3 and Cliff) is an American actor and writer best known by his stage names CP3 and Cliff. He began his career as a TV script writer but since has transitioned into directing and visual storytelling; creating video content for brands such as Peloton and Nike.

He has also starred in the movies “Menace II Society” and “Chain Letter,” as well as providing voice over work for numerous companies, such as Rockstar North.

Powell began as a basketball player and earned himself a four-year scholarship to the University of California Santa Barbara. However, after graduation he chose to pursue a career in film. Now working as director, Powell has directed projects for numerous high-profile brands according to his website.

Powell is a native of Ladera Heights, Los Angeles’ affluent neighbourhood that attracts many celebrities and luxury real estate. He spent his formative years with his mother Kimberly – who runs WhateverUneed Designs, an interior design business; and sister Maya who runs a beauty salon.

Clifton Powell, Jr. is the 24-year-old son of veteran actor Clifton Powell who attended UC Santa Barbara on a basketball scholarship but has now switched his focus to filmmaking and is working as a director. With a bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Studies from USC under his belt, he holds an impressive list of accomplishments.

Recently, Sasha Obama and Clifton Jr have been photographed together. It appears they began dating after Sasha transferred from University of Michigan, where she had been studying for two years, to USC.

Sasha and her boyfriend were seen taking a walk together, smiling at each other before heading back in their car, according to the Daily Mail. Sasha donned a purple skirt and crop top while her man donned loose-fitting navy pants with a white t-shirt.

He donned a backward cap and carried a plaid overshirt. Sasha completed her look with sparkling necklaces and an array of colored purses.

Sasha and her beau were photographed smiling as they strolled together earlier this week. Sasha’s mom Michelle Obama revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres show that her daughter has been dating a grown man.

Michelle Obama revealed during an interview with talk show host Jay Leno that her daughters Malia and Sasha have been bringing home grown men for their birthdays. She mentioned Malia, 23, is currently dating Rory Farquharson – a British man she met while at Harvard in 2017.

Michelle Obama confirmed to Sasha and Malia her youngest daughter Barack Obama is dating a man. While expressing gratitude for him, Michelle did not provide his name or any other details about their relationship.

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