Sam Nazarian Net Worth

Sam Nazarian Net Worth

Sam Nazarian Net Worth: Sam Nazarian is an esteemed businessman, investor, and philanthropist with an impressive multi-millionaire fortune. Through hard work and astute business acumen he has built an empire that spans nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and even real estate properties – his success story being an example to budding entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

Sam is the founder of SBE Entertainment Group, an operations management company operating many popular Los Angeles clubs and cocktail lounges. SBE has become an established name in luxury hospitality industry; Sam himself has become a respected philanthropist having donated $200,000 to Beverly Hills Athletic Alumni Association; furthermore he has donated to numerous other charities that aim to improve children’s health while earning multiple awards and accolades for his dedication in business.

Born in Tehran, Iran and migrating with his family to Los Angeles during the Iranian Revolution, Nazarian is now a naturalized citizen and lives there as an attorney. His parents instilled hard work and perseverance into him at an early age – as an avid reader and thinker he attended Beverly Hills High School before later attending New York University.

After graduating college, Nazarian began his entrepreneurial ventures. He launched Platinum Wireless in 1998 – a telecommunications company specializing in Nextel software distribution – quickly becoming one of Southern California’s premier distributors and later sold for a substantial profit. Following this success in telecommunications, he expanded his family assets by founding 3Wall Development in 1999 – which today is one of the largest owners of multi-family housing units in Southern California.

Nazarian has amassed an impressive fortune despite his young age through various business endeavors. Currently he serves as CEO of SBE Entertainment Group, a hospitality firm which operates restaurants and nightclubs; hotel management; as well as acquired properties such as Sahara Hotel & Casino in 2007.

Most would assume a successful businessman like Nazarian would be content with his current lifestyle; however, in reality he is always searching for new ways to expand his empire. Recently, Sam’s company began focusing on ghost kitchens – an emerging trend within the restaurant industry that should help drive his company’s expansion in future years; in turn increasing his net worth as it does so.

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