Saagar Enjeti Net Worth

Saagar Enjeti Net Worth

Saagar Enjeti is an esteemed political commentator and journalist. He hosts the popular show Rising From The Hill With Krystal Ball as well as running his podcast named the Realignment. Enjeti also works at Hudson Institute as a media scholar and has appeared as a panelist on both C-SPAN and Fox news as well as co-authoring popular book called ‘Populist Guide To 2020’ which has made its way onto Amazon’s best seller list.

Sagar has an exciting future ahead of him and is earning significant revenue through television work. He boasts a large social media following and frequently shares photos with girlfriend Jillian; although they have yet to officially tie the knot yet they are in an extremely serious relationship and regularly post photos with each other and their dog! Sagar takes great care in taking care of his canine friend – as can be seen from all his posts of him on social media!

He has done an outstanding job in his professional career and interviewed several prominent politicians and celebrities. He has demonstrated his worth as an excellent political commentator while earning a significant sum from his efforts. Furthermore, he is an effective public speaker, speaking at several events around the country.

After graduating from George Washington University, he started his career as a legislative intern at US Congress, serving for 11 months until June 2011. Following that he joined Mirror Foundation in Chiang Rai Thailand as a community development intern and worked there until mid 2012. Furthermore he served on both research and external relations teams at Institute for the Study of War.

In 2015, he earned a Certificate in Counter-Terrorism from IDC Herzliya Private University before going on to obtain his Master’s Degree at Georgetown University in 2018. Since then he has written many books and articles which have made Amazon’s Political Focused Book Bestseller Lists.

He currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5000000 and looks set for an illustrious future at just 28 years old. He prides himself on hard work ethic and learning new things related to his field of interest. Furthermore, his personality makes him quite likeable – Krystal Ball even counts him among her close circle of friends!

Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar was launched independently as an independent project in May 2021 and has become very successful quickly since launch, drawing large audiences on Youtube. They enjoy an excellent relationship with their audience who love and support them; both enjoy working on the show together immensely and we wish them every success for the future! Krystal and Saagar serve as an incredible role model to young journalists, possessing both an optimistic approach to work as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance, without allowing their work interfere with personal relationships or lifestyle issues that would otherwise interfere.

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