Ryan Bernard Net Worth

Ryan Bernard is a well-known American funeral director and entrepreneur. He has earned a good net worth from his services at a funeral home and from his Netflix show. However, Bernard hasn’t shared his salary or personal details about his family, including whether he’s married or not. He is known to have two daughters with two different women.

Ryan Bernard has been in the media since his early teens. He’s also active on social networking sites including Facebook and Instagram. He stands five feet and nine inches tall and has a barrel chest. His body weight is estimated to be around eighty pounds. His hairstyle is a buzz cut.

Bernard founded the R. Bernard Funeral Services company in 2017. He hopes to pass down his business to his daughters. The family business has a rich tradition, and he hopes his daughters will one day be able to carry on the business. He and his family have two daughters, Deja, who studies journalism, and Raegan, who studies nursing at the University of Memphis.

Ryan Bernard is a married man with two daughters. However, he hasn’t disclosed his wife’s name. He has two daughters, Deja and Raegan, and has not disclosed the identities of his babies’ mamas. They are half-siblings.

Bernard was born on December 11, 1975. His zodiac sign is Saggitarius, and he is about five feet seven inches tall. He has a Twitter and Instagram account, and he has over nine thousand followers. He has a total of three21 posts on the site.

Despite his considerable success, his family remains the core of his life. His parents separated, and his father was only recently aware of his daughter’s existence. The mother of both children is still unnamed, so it is difficult to find out where she lives. As far as Ryan and Deja’s daughter is concerned, they both have an older brother who he clashes with in the business.

While the family business is his biggest source of income, he also appears in a series on Netflix called Burried By The Bernards. The series follows the family’s professional and domestic lives. It premiered in February, but Netflix hasn’t announced when the show will air again.

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