Rs Regulate Akr

The RS Regulate is a mount for a rifle’s optics. It’s made from 6061-T6 aluminum and has a nice finish. It’s also made to be lightweight, weighing only 5.0 oz. It doesn’t add bulk to your rifle and is easily adjustable along the Z-axis.

The RS Regulate comes in two halves – a lower and an upper. The lower is designated with the numerical designation “300x,” while the upper is designated with the abbreviation “AKR”. The RS Regulate mounts are compatible with a variety of side-rails, including PSL, M10, and Yugo style. In addition, the AKR mounts are compatible with direct mount bases for optics of various brands. The mounting system is fully adjustable and uses an aircraft-grade aluminum center bolt for strength and longevity.

The RS Regulate mount is designed to securely mount an ACOG on an AK rifle. It has a locking mechanism that is similar to the SVD mounting mechanism. However, this locking mechanism is different for different manufacturers. To remove the bracket, you simply pull the castle screw up.

The RS Regulate 300 series includes a side rail with an Aimpoint attached. The adjustable side rail makes adjusting the position of your optics simple and intuitive. You can easily adjust the side rail from ant-to-post or post to post and from left to right. This means that you can shoot in any position you want, whether in the woods or in the air.

The RS Regulate AKR features an upper mount designed to fit all types of Picatinny rail optics. Using this mount for your optics will ensure that your eye alignment is optimal and your target acquisition speed will be quicker. A higher mount will also help you shoot from a more streamlined position.

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