Ron Duguay Net Worth

Ron Duguay Net Worth

A former National Hockey League (NHL) superstar, Ron Duguay is a retired player who spent twelve seasons in the league. He is considered one of the best scorers in the game’s history and has made a name for himself in a variety of other ways. Despite his storied career, the former player has also made his mark as a coach. In 2003, he became head coach of the Jacksonville Barracudas. Today, Duguay divides his time between New York and Florida and works with pupils in the fifth through eighth grades.

As a youngster, Duguay developed a love of ice hockey. He played for the Sudbury Wolves in the Ontario Hockey League. The former hockey player was a member of the Canadian national junior team. His love of ice hockey continued into adulthood and he was selected by the New York Rangers in 1977. Later, he made his name in the NHL by leading the Los Angeles Kings to the Stanley Cup in 1989. During his career, Duguay became known for his curly hair.

For a number of years, he had a career in the media, starring in numerous commercials for designer jeans and appearing on “Hockey Night Live!”. However, his biggest contribution to the world of sports is likely his work as an in-studio commentator for MSG Network. Sadly, this contract expired in 2018. This has not prevented him from making money on the side. Throughout his career, he’s also worked as a freelance pundit and has appeared on numerous reality shows.

Ron Duguay is also a philanthropist. The former NHL star has a charity in place to benefit children. Since 2009, he has been involved in the First Battle of the Blades, a skating competition that pits professional skaters against amateurs. He is also an advocate for Woodlawn Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.

One of his earliest achievements was being a part of the first NHL All-Star Game. After the event, he went on to play with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Los Angeles Kings. There, he scored eight goals in 12 games and was named to the NHL’s All-Rookie team. Other notable accomplishments included a stint on the coaching staff of the Jacksonville Barracudas.

Ron Duguay has been married several times. He first married model Robin Bobo in 1983. They had two daughters. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long. After a few years, they divorced. Now, the former professional ice hockey player is single. But, he does appear to be dating former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

Ron Duguay has a net worth of approximately $2 million. However, his income varies greatly based on a combination of social and professional factors. Most of his income came from his ice hockey career. Another source of income was his work as a hockey coach. Though his salary remained relatively steady, it didn’t compare to that of his colleagues. Nevertheless, Duguay managed to build a good life for himself.

Unlike many other celebrities, Duguay is a fairly modest public speaker. Despite his success in the hockey world, he has never attempted to be a politician or run for governor. Instead, he has chosen to diversify his revenue streams. Through his coaching, his radio show and his numerous TV commercials, he is likely to earn a decent salary.

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