Rodney Howard Browne Net Worth

Rodney Howard Browne Net Worth

Rodney Howard Browne has inspired thousands through his healing and revival sermons as both pastor and evangelist, making him an influential presence at Christian conferences as well as authoring several books about spirituality. His charismatic personality and powerful sermons have allowed him to amass significant wealth.

Howard-Browne currently serves as pastor of The River at Tampa Bay, which he and his wife established in 1996. Additionally, he heads Revival Ministries International. Originally hailing from South Africa, he has made Tampa his home since the mid-1990s.

Early Life and Education He grew up in a Christian family, which inspired his passion for preaching. After attending Rhema Bible College in Johannesburg and honing his skills there, his ministry took off during the 1990s when he joined Holy Laughter Movement – emphasizing joyous expression during religious services as opposed to silence – which garnered both praise and criticism from religious communities across South Africa.

In 1991, Kenneth and Kirsten Bendixen Howard-Browne immigrated to the US together, founding Rodney Browne Evangelistic Association and opening churches in Clifton Park, New York and Louisville. Together the couple have two children – Kenneth and Kirsten Bendixen Howard-Browne.

Rodney Howard Browne has long been at the center of controversy. He has been widely criticized for his teachings on healing, prosperity and prayer as well as being accused of witchcraft and demonology practices. Rodney Howard Browne has also come under scrutiny due to his use of grace in sermons as well as being associated with New Apostolic Reformation/Latter Rain movement that has been described by some as an alternative gospel movement.

Howard-Browne remains an influential figure in Christianity despite numerous accusations against his teachings and antics, having left an impactful mark upon numerous people while spreading his message of revival around the globe.

As of 2019, Rodney Howard Browne has an estimated net worth of approximately $140 Million, generated largely through his roles as a Christian evangelist and conspiracy theorist. Additionally, his business interests include running an online Christian bookstore as well as developing skincare line called Monavie. Both Rodney Howard Browne and Adonica reside in Tampa, Florida.

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