Roddy Mcdowall Net Worth

Roddy McDowall Net Worth

Roddy McDowall was born in Herne Hill, London in September 1928 to Winifred Lucinda Corcoran (an aspiring actress) and Thomas Andrew McDowall (a merchant seaman). At five years old he enrolled in elocution courses before making his film debut by age ten; director Orson Welles became fond of having him star in many of his movies as well as performing several Broadway plays featuring McDowall as an adult actor.

McDowall made his mark as an adult, appearing in more than 250 movies and TV shows as both an actor and photographer, often publishing celebrity photographs in leading magazines of his day. Most notably he played Cornelius in Planet of the Apes series; for this performance he earned himself an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor (Octavian in 1963 film Cleopatra). An expert at both drama and comedy acting, he excelled both professionally.

McDowall was known for acting, directing, writing, producing multiple films and television shows during his long career and amassing an impressive collection of Hollywood memorabilia as well as producing five acclaimed books of photography. Unfortunately he passed away due to cancer at age 70 in Los Angeles, California.

Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowall was born September 17, 1928, in Herne Hill, London, England to Winifred Lucinda Corcoran (nee Corcoran) an Irish-born aspiring actress and Thomas Andrew McDowall (a merchant seaman). At five years old his mother enrolled him into elocution classes; by age 10 his first movie appearances had already taken place.

McDowall became a beloved child star before going on to act both film and theater until adulthood. After moving to New York in 1954, where he made numerous Broadway productions. Additionally, he became known for his photography; often having photos published of celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor in leading film and fashion magazines of his day.

McDowall began to gain more challenging roles as he entered his mid-30s, providing him with opportunities to hone his craft and earn respect from peers. All his performances earned him praise.

McDowall continued his acting career into his later years with guest roles on such iconic shows as Ironside, Carol Burnett Show, Columbo, Barnaby Jones and McCloud – as well as appearing in various theatrical productions such as Lord Love a Duck. Furthermore, he worked as voice actor on Disney’s series The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin as well as working in television voice acting role on The Planet of the Apes series which earned both critical acclaim and fan appreciation; additionally he generously gave much of his personal wealth away to charities during this time period.

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