Richard Widmark Net Worth

Richard Widmark Net Worth

Richard Widmark was an iconic American actor of cinema and television. Known for his portrayals of dark, complex characters – one being nominated for an Academy Award – Widmark appeared in over 70 films and 100 television shows during his illustrious career, alongside being active with various charitable causes and supporting them philanthropically.

Widmark was born in Sunrise Township, Minnesota and began his acting career on Broadway before transitioning into film in the 1940s. Within just one year he established himself as one of Hollywood’s premier dramatic actors – being nominated for an Academy Award nomination in his debut movie Kiss of Death as Tommy Udo made him an instantly iconic star within Hollywood.

Widmark continued his film career during the 1950s. He co-starred with Marilyn Monroe in Don’t Bother to Knock (1952) before going on to make Pickup on South Street that same year for director Samuel Fuller. Additionally, Widmark could often be found playing antagonists for Sidney Lumet’s Murder on the Orient Express and Robert Aldrich’s Panic in the Streets as well.

Widmark was also a frequent presence on television, appearing in shows such as Madigan and Broken Arrow. In 1972 he even made an appearance as President in the miniseries Vanished. Personal life-wise, Widmark married screenwriter Jean Hazlewood in 1942 and gave birth to their daughter Anne Heath Widmark; this relationship continued until Hazlewood passed away in 1997.

Widmark may have made his living playing heartless killers and bigots onscreen, yet personally opposed violence and weapon use. He once expressed regret over killing a trout while fishing and apologized to fellow actor Sidney Poitier after shooting scenes where he had to make racist remarks during No Way Out (1950).

Widmark died at Roxbury, Connecticut at 93. He is survived by his daughter Anne and three grandchildren. An avid golfer, Widmark also enjoyed gardening and spending time playing with his dogs. He was an ardent philanthropist who donated millions to charitable organizations throughout his career, earning himself an official star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960 for his commitment to art. Widmark became the oldest living recipient of the Screen Actors Guild Honorary Award, presented by fellow member and friend John Lundquist and known as one of the highest honors that working actors can receive in America from their peers.

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