Richard Sterban Net Worth

Richard Sterban Net Worth

Richard Sterban is one of the most iconic country music singers of all time, famed for his deep bass voice. A member of The Oak Ridge Boys (famous for classic hits and flawless harmony) for over five decades now, his timeless music has brought immense success and wealth – we will discuss his net worth as well as other fascinating details in this article.

Richard Anthony Sterban was born April 24 in Camden, New Jersey. He first found success as part of Wally Fowler and the Georgia Clodhoppers before becoming one of The Oak Ridge Boys in 1972 – taking their name from their initial performance held at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. They went on to tour with JD Sumner & Stamps Quarter before serving as Elvis Presley backup singers!

Sterban has not only performed with The Oak Ridge Boys but has also taken an independent route and released an album solo in 1982, although its reception wasn’t as positive. Sterban has also participated in numerous charitable efforts throughout his career including supporting organizations like American Cancer Society and Red Cross; performing for troops overseas as well as multiple presidents’ visits at White House concerts with bandmates.

Sterban is known to keep his personal life private, preferring not to discuss details regarding his marriage and family matters with anyone outside his immediate circle. He and Donna Sterban share two children together: Lauren and Tori – as well as Rich, Doug, and Chris from his first marriage. He and Donna Sterban have long been active supporters of charitable causes – founding the Richard A. and Donna L. Sterban Foundation which offers grants that fund various causes.

Sterban has amassed an impressive list of achievements throughout his professional life, and is widely recognized as a pioneer of country music. Not only has he received multiple Grammys but has been nominated for numerous other honors over time. He has hosted multiple radio shows and been seen in movies and television projects. With an excellent work ethic and commitment to improving his craft, his dedication has won him both fans and peers respect. He continues to tour with The Oak Ridge Boys and is expected to release more albums in the future. His commitment to music has earned him legendary status within country music circles. Aside from music, he also serves as a military chaplain. Additionally, his impactful kindness and compassion make him an exemplary role model for young people – something no other figure could possibly match.

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