Rich Lupkes

Rich Lupkes is one of the toughest men in armwrestling. He has won four world arm wrestling championships and is currently the UAL superheavyweight champion. Despite his injuries, he has remained on the top of the sport. Read on to learn more about this legendary athlete.

The former heavyweight world champion is 61 years old and is a six-foot-four, 315-pound athlete. Although he is getting up in age, he still throws down the arms of much younger men. He admits to getting a kick out of scoring points against younger men, but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

He is a heavyweight armwrestler and has been competing since the mid-1970s. He will defend his Open division title today at the U.S. Unified National Armwrestling Championships in Billings. Last year, Lupkes won three divisions in the nationals, including the Grand Masters division.

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