Rich Killers

Homicides of the rich and famous are not as common as those of other social classes, but they still get a lot of press. Because the killings of the rich and famous are so unique and different, the crime often attracts a lot of attention. These homicides are complex and difficult to track down.

One of the biggest rich killers is the desire to buy more than you can afford. While a house can appreciate and provide a nice return over time, buying a car that you can’t afford can depreciate by twenty percent the moment you drive it off the dealer lot. This is what Ron Blue calls “driving to the poor house.” You need to carefully consider your affordability before you make the purchase.

The crime has political implications as many of the accused businessmen have connections with politicians. Some of the alleged rich killers have given money to political campaigns and have been tipped off by the FBI. However, it is unclear if these politicians will do anything to catch the killers. While the FBI has passed on intelligence to Mexican authorities, it does not appear that they acted on it.

Robert Durst is an American real estate heir who has been accused of murdering at least 3 people. In 1982, his wife disappeared. His girlfriend, Susan Berman, a long-time drug user, allegedly knew the details. In response, she shot a neighbor, an elderly man, in self-defense, and then dismembered the body and threw it into the sea.

Another rich killer is John Brooks, a millionaire who hired three men to murder Reid. He believed Reid had stolen from him during a moving job and hired the men to kill him. The men then left the body of Reid in Reid’s dump truck and abandoned it in a parking lot. They are currently serving life sentences without parole.

The killers of Seth Rich will be identified tomorrow at a press conference on the west bank of the Potomac river. A credible witness will reveal the identity of the two men. The murder occurred in July 2016 near Rich’s home. Police said the killing was a botched robbery, but that Rich’s wallet was never touched.

In addition to murdering innocent people, wealthy killers have been implicated in several crimes. The son of a rich family, Issei Sagawa, was born into a family of wealthy parents. His father, who had many business interests, probably used his money to hire the most expensive lawyers. This may have contributed to his lack of remorse after his ex-wife’s death.

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