Rich Goranski

Rich Goranski is an actor who plays a supporting role in the Broadway musical Be More Chill. He has dirty blonde hair with a pinkish-red streak running through the center. His headband is green and he wears a flannel shirt. The off-Broadway version of the show does not feature a headband. In addition, Rich has earlobe gauges in both ears and has a tattoo on his right arm. He is also wearing a black tank top with a print of “Propaganda x Mishka”. His clothing is black sneakers and a camouflage jacket.

Before joining SQUIP, Rich was a very lonely and suicidal kid. However, he soon made friends with Jeremy Heere, who became his friend in the play Sync Up. Jeremy’s best friend Jake Dillinger became Rich’s best friend. When they were at a rehearsal, Jake called Rich “Jakey D” and “his boy”.

During the Broadway show, Rich wears a camouflage jacket, but not during the main song. He also has burn marks on his face after a Halloween party. Rich is also a terror of other students, scaring them and intimidating the unpopular ones. Without SQUIP, Rich becomes overly excitable and speaks with a lisp.

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