Rich Chiga

Rich Brian is a recording artist, songwriter, and rapper from Indonesia. He is most recognized for his viral debut single, “Dat $tick”, which was released on SoundCloud in March 2016. This song went on to earn RIAA certification. His music is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital music platforms.

Rich Chigga was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and became a hit after releasing a single called “Dat $tick” in 2016. The song has gained a worldwide audience and has over eighty million YouTube views. The song is a satirical take on gangsta rap stereotypes. Chigga’s popularity grew after the music video went viral.

After releasing his video, Rich Chigga’s management company released a reaction video with several popular rappers. The rappers were clearly feeling for the newcomer, with many nodding as they watched the video. However, it is difficult to judge the rap artist by appearance alone, as Chigga isn’t white.

Despite the controversy surrounding his name, Rich Chigga is not actually Brian Imanuel. He is an Indonesian rapper whose moniker earned him a large fan base online. The rapper changed his name to “Rich Brian” in January and is releasing his debut album, Amen, on Feb. 2.

Rich Chigga’s music video has garnered millions of views. It has sparked a great deal of controversy and a number of reactions from other rappers. As a result, Chigga has been recognized as an artist to watch closely. And while it is not yet clear whether Ghostface Killah will jump on Rich Chigga’s track, his music video has received plenty of attention. If you’re looking for a banger, you can’t miss this video.

The teen rapper’s first single, “Dat $tick,” has made him a household name, despite a controversial moniker. The song was a viral hit, and earned Chigga a record deal with CXSHXNLY, an Asian label with Korean rappers Keith Ape and Dumbfoundead. It has also led to his first American rap allies.

Since then, Rich Brian’s music video has risen to prominence and garnered co-signs from the new guard of hip hop. His “Attention” track features Offset. It’s rare to find an Asian rapper in mainstream hip hop, but he’s making history. He’s also the first Asian rapper to hit the top of the iTunes hip hop charts in the US. Despite the controversy surrounding his music video, his rise is a true testament to the diversity of the music industry.

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