Regula Van Hydrus

Regula van Hydrus is a legendary character in the Final Fantasy series. She is a master of ancient Garlean sword techniques and is also an accomplished musician. She first appears in the game during a solo quest battle in Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind, and later appears twice as the first boss of The Aetherochemical Research Facility. She is also a source of combat data for The Sapphire Weapon. Regula’s name, “van Hydrus”, is derived from the Dutch word for “from”, which is equivalent to the German word “von”.

Regula first appears when the adventurers reach the Sea of Clouds and are searching for Archbishop Thordan VII. Regula is attempting to locate the key to Azys Lla, which is in the primal Bismarck’s possession. As the adventurers continue on their quest, they meet Emperor Varis Zos Galvus, who is on the same quest as Regula.

Regula rises from his bed, waking his companion, Tilla, who is also awake. The two of them salute, but Regula pauses in mid-step. Then Regula stretches her wrists, hoping the cord will bind and not fall off. Regula has been away from Garlemald for more than a year. He has received orders to return to his home kingdom of Garlemald.

Regula’s voice is unique and distinctive. He is also known for drinking tea. Regula’s voice is remarkably ethereal. He is a man with a unique personality. In fact, he is one of the few people who can speak a second language.

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