Rego Regulators

Rego regulators are mechanical devices that must be stored properly to ensure optimum performance. Regulators should be stored in a clean, dry area free of corrosive atmospheres. In addition, Rego has made it easier for field personnel to read RegO’s date code. The RegO APP provides a convenient way to look up the current date code and select a Rego regulator based on system demand.

The RegO regulator uses a large molded diaphragm to detect pressure changes. The regulator also features a built-in pressure tap with a plugged 1/8″ F.NPT outlet that can be removed using a 3/16″ hex allen wrench. This regulator also features a compact design for easy installation. The regulator is factory-set to deliver an intermediate pressure of 10 PSIG. Whether you’re using it for domestic use or for commercial applications, a RegO regulator will make the job easy.

RegO regulators should be installed in accordance with NFPA 58 2020. Proper installation will extend the lifespan of the RegO regulator. Regulators manufactured after 1995 have a 25-year recommended service life, while regulators made before 1995 have a 15-year recommended service life. Regulators that are older than 1995 are not permitted to be installed on fixed piping systems after June 30, 1997. Two-stage regulators are recommended for use with fixed piping systems.

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