Ray Manzarek Net Worth

Ray Manzarek Net Worth

Are You A Fans of The Doors? Then You Should Know Ray Manzarek as He was one of the greatest keyboardists ever in music. His keyboard style drew heavily upon classical and jazz influences while his striking glasses and vibrant sideburns made him easily the most recognizable member even without singer Jim Morrison around!

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The Doors was an American rock band established in 1965 by drummer John Densmore, guitarist Robby Krieger and singer/songwriter Jim Morrison. One of the most influential groups ever, they sold millions of albums until breaking up in 1973 but Manzarek continued performing solo as an artist; two albums were released: The Golden Scarab and The Whole Thing Started with Rock and Roll Now It’s Out of Control but neither one achieved chart-topping status.

Manzarek held many occupations throughout his career: painter, author, musician, producer and film director. He co-founded Nite City band as well as being The Doors keyboardist from 1965 to 1973 before succumbing to cholangiocarcinoma cancer at 74.

He married Dorothy Aiko Fujikawa and they shared one son together named Pablo. For most of his life he resided in Los Angeles before eventually moving to Napa Valley for treatment for cholangiocarcinoma; during which time, he traveled to Germany. On May 20, 2013 at age 74 in a hospital near Rosenheim in Germany he passed away.

Ray Manzarek Net Worth stands at $25 Million. This esteemed musician played for The Doors from 1965-1973 before founding Nite City and becoming one of the greatest keyboardists of his time – Nite City was later awarded one of three Grammy awards and Ray was recognized as an author as well. Ray will always be missed by his many fans – many will remember his amazing work done during his lifetime and thank you for reading my article if it has resonated with you – please share this piece!

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