Rashad Bilal Net Worth

Rashad Bilal Net Worth – How Much Is Rashad Bilal Worth?

Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings have become staples on many popular financial podcasts, having established themselves as experts on Financial matters through their company Earn Your Leisure and its highly popular podcast of the same name. Celebrities such as Mark Cuban, Dame Dasha, Rick Ross and YG have graced their program and helped transform complex topics into easy-to-digest enjoyable conversations.

Financial experts and educators Troy Millings and Bilal created their company to fill an educational void they saw among students. Millings noticed many of his pupils didn’t have access to basic knowledge of finances – his and Bilal’s aim is to teach important money management and entrepreneurship principles to anyone they encounter.

They do this by sharing personal experiences and interviewing other influencers on their platform, debunking many myths surrounding investing, such as thinking only wealthy people can invest or that a substantial starting capital must exist in order to become successful investors.

By virtue of their message and passion for financial literacy, they’ve amassed an audience that’s inspired to take control of their financial lives and has begun taking control of themselves as well. Furthermore, they’ve developed products specifically targeted towards this audience that helps achieve their goals: one being an investing course while the other an app which assists users track investments.

People interested in getting to know this duo better can visit their website, earnyourleisure.com, as well as follow them on social media where they regularly update viewers about the show and recent achievements.

Bilal owns over 20,000 units of OFS Capital Corp stock valued at over $202,400 according to his most recent Form 4 filing with the SEC, having made 1 trade between 2020 and 11 November 2020 – one purchase and one sell transaction in this stock.

Entrepreneur and speaker Jim Carrier offers some advice for improving financial lives: experiment until you discover something you excel at doing and work to become exceptional in it. His advice for anyone aiming to improve their finances includes becoming better at managing money and being mindful when spending your money.

Financial independence is appealing, yet reaching it requires hard work and patience. Two prominent financial influencers – Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings from Revolt’s “Earn Your Leisure” podcast provide expert advice in this video.

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