Quien Es Juanpa Zurita

Juanpa Zurita is a Mexican social media influencer, model, and actor. He first gained fame through his Vine videos. His videos are funny and engaging and have earned him millions of followers. However, before we get into that, let’s first talk about who he is.

Juanpa Zurita was born in Mexico on 29 March 1996. She has three siblings, including actors Humberto Zurita and Paola Martinez-Zurita. Juanpa is the youngest of the three siblings. Her parents are Fernando and Teresa Arellano. She has three younger siblings, Andres, Paola, and Andres.

Juanpa Zurita rose to fame after becoming one of the most followed Vine users. Soon, he decided to team up with fellow Vine creators, which led to a new venture – the Los Caballeros. Today, the group consists of 18 members and meets once a year.

Juanpa Zurita is not a Zurita from the famous Zurita family, but from a normal family. His parents are Fernando Martinez Zurita and Teresa Arellano. His mother, Teresa Arellano, has always been supportive of her son.

The Internet has brought Juanpa Zurita to worldwide fame. Initially, she gained popularity on Vine, where she posted short videos in Spanish and English. Later, Juanpa Zurita took her Vine videos to YouTube, where she gained 11 million YouTube subscribers and a massive fan base.

Humberto Zurita, the father of Juanpa Zurita, has 10 siblings. Another sister, Teresa Arellano, shares the same name with Juanpa Zurita’s mother, but is a different person. Initially, many people thought that Juanpa Zurita was the son of Humberto Zurita, but the truth is that he was his mother’s son and not vice versa.

Juanpa Zurita is a Mexican internet celebrity. She has a YouTube channel and a large Instagram following. Although her father is famous, the internet star has not met him. She started her career on the video site VINE, and later moved to Youtube and Instagram. At present, she has 25.6 million Instagram followers.

Juanpa has also appeared in a J Balvin music video. She has also appeared in various television shows and modeled for luxury brands. Her YouTube channel has millions of subscribers. She has even worked as a judge on Pequenos Giantes, a reality show on Televisa.

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