Quentin Richardson Net Worth

Quentin Richardson Net Worth

If you follow basketball, then chances are you have heard of Quentin Richardson. A professional player in the National Basketball Association, Richardson has played on various teams since 2003 and is known for his three-point shooting skills and numerous awards received during his career. His salary from NBA teams and endorsement deals make up much of his total net worth.

Richardson was born and educated at DePaul University in Chicago. Afterward, he was selected 18th overall in the 2000 NBA draft by Los Angeles Clippers after being named National Freshman of the Year and Conference USA Player of the Year during college basketball at DePaul. Following this first stint with LA Clippers he was traded to Miami Heat then Orlando Magic before rejoining New York Knicks again as of 2013.

He amassed substantial earnings throughout his 13-year career as a three-point specialist with various teams, earning millions in salary from contracts with each. Furthermore, endorsement deals were plentiful due to this position; plus investments into various business ventures helped further increase his wealth.

Former NBA star Ben Gordon boasts a net worth of over 23 Million USD and annual income estimated to be roughly $1.4 Million USD, giving him enough income to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with family and friends – boasting luxurious cars and houses in addition to his impressive salary.

Richardson and Miya Manuel have been happily married since 2012. The pair reside together in Newport Beach, California. He is proud to be the father of their two children and they share an enjoyable life together.

Atwood has appeared on multiple television programs and films such as Van Wilder: Party Liaison. Additionally, he co-hosts an extremely popular podcast called Knuckleheads with Darius Miles which has only increased his fame and recognition.

His private life includes being engaged to R&B singer Brandy Norwood before calling it off in September 2005. Now happily married to Miya and enjoying life with family, he is also well known as a public speaker who actively takes part in charity efforts as well as real estate investments that increase his income further – living a lifestyle many envious of him!

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