Perry Mattfeld Net Worth

Perry Mattfeld Net Worth

American actress Perry Mattfeld has already made her mark in Hollywood with her work on shows like Polygamy Escape, Shameless, Wizards of Waverly Place and CW series In the Dark. Starting her career at such a young age has taken hard work but has paid off with much love and respect from audiences for her performances – her beautiful yet charming personality draws them towards her work!

As well as acting, she also dances and models professionally. She has appeared in a number of theatre productions such as Louie Piday’s play “The Dining Room” at McClintock Theatre in Los Angeles; Mattel’s American Girl Dolls musical theater cast of Kirsten Larson and Kit Kittredge; she’s an immensely talented artist with an excellent sense of humor who excels at conveying character emotions through acting; her future looks bright indeed!

Perry Mattfeld was born in the United States on March 29, 1994 and raised with her mother Shelly Garcia and father Kenneth Mattfeld – Kenneth is currently serving as deputy city attorney at Port of Los Angeles. Mattfeld attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, earning a GPA of 4.6 before attending University of Southern California where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from School of Dramatic Arts.

She loves animals and owns a pet dog named Rowmeoh. She is very close to both of her parents, enjoys spending time with friends and family members alike and boasts an exquisite body structure which perfectly accentuates her face features and innocent yet sweet smile.

Mattfeld maintains an optimistic view on life, preferring not to engage in controversy and avoid scandalous talk. She strongly believes in living life to its fullest and not allowing anything or anyone to stand in their way of achieving goals and dreams – she has an ambitious nature who hopes to accomplish much throughout her lifetime.

Andrew Wright and she started dating in 2016 and they’re extremely content together, frequently attending various events and outdoor activities together and uploading pictures of themselves on social media accounts. Wright used to play baseball for the Cincinnati Reds; now he provides wagering through TVG horse racing network while running an online business; he encourages his girlfriend in her pursuit of her goals while providing invaluable support – she appreciates this very much as it will allow her to continue her successful career in future years.

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