Perrion Roberts Net Worth

Perrion Roberts Net Worth – American Gangster: Trap Queens Season 2

American Gangster: Trap Queens Season 2 premiered this week and featured Huntsville native Perrion Roberts as one of five female drug traffickers narrated by Lil Kim who rose to the top of the drug game across different cities around America – among them, Perrion Roberts from Alabama who earned herself the moniker “Black Widow”. Roberts made millions before her arrest and jail sentence of 21 years before being pardoned two years later and becoming an advocate for people with criminal records.

As she built up a large cocaine and marijuana empire in Huntsville, Alabama that allowed her to travel the country while making money off it all, Perri was eventually married and had children; soon thereafter she started helping those in need such as paying rent for homeless people or adding funds into a person’s bank account so they can purchase groceries. While she now advocates prison reform as a prison reform advocate, she still does drug dealing through Perri Auto Sales; in Alabama this dealership is owned and run solely by women of color – Perri Auto Sales being run solely by women of color!

Lil Kim recently told BOSSIP exclusively about Roberts as she prepared to appear on American Gangster: Trap Queens season two, where Roberts will narrate a show called American Gangster: Trap Queens. Roberts spoke exclusively with BOSSIP about her roots in Alabama and growing up within the drug game; also about her forthcoming autobiography Beyond a Dream which will detail all her experiences evading law enforcement for so long.

Perrion Roberts received a full pardon from Alabama in 2014 and began transforming her life immediately. She has become a full-time mother, activist, and criminal justice reform advocate as she writes her memoirs. Roberts now owns the only used car dealership owned by a woman of color in America – proudly celebrating that fact! Additionally, she founded and leads Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized which recognizes women for their contributions and accomplishments while she also rescued her nephew from foster care after his mother was murdered as well as volunteer efforts through NAACP and United Way organizations.

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