Pend Magicians

The Pendulum Magicians have a few problems. They can’t afford to cross out, and they can’t open baronne by the fifth summon unless they have a super-good hand. As a result, this is one of the most broken pendulum decks. It’s also the most powerful, but also the most difficult to play. Pendulum Magicians are also the ones who are responsible for the Pendulum Limitations in Konami’s version of the game.

The Pendulum Magicians’ main goal is to search for Pendulum Monsters. They also have a card effect called “Pendulum Call,” which protects the “Magician” cards in a Pendulum Zone. Other Pendulum Monsters that can search for Pendulum monsters include the Wisdom-Eye Magician and the Oafdragon Magician.

Pendulum Magicians can also negate effects of Light-attributed monsters. The strongest Pendulum Magician is Xiangke. His ATK is 2500 and he is level seven. The disadvantage is that his effect turns a monster’s rank into a level. However, his power makes him a good choice for a Pendulum Magician.

Pendulum Magicians are a staple of the Arc-V archetype and are used by the protagonist, Yuya. They can be summoned by placing them on a pendulum. Their unique summoning mechanics make them highly versatile and powerful. In addition, they can be sculpted to take on a variety of forms and synergies.

The Pendulum Magician is an archetype that caters to DARK Spellcaster monsters, but it does have some limitations. The Pendulum Summon power of a Pendulum Magician is limited, and only two of them may be used by one player at a time. The Timebreaker is particularly powerful, with its ability to prevent the first effect of a pendulum monster from activating. It also protects the Magician’s scales from destruction.

In addition to their powerful attack power, Pend magicians have excellent support for Dark Magician. Pendulum Magician decks are particularly powerful when combined with Odd-Eyes Monsters. They can support Pendulumgraph cards and perform powerful field spells. They also add Pendulum Scales to the Deck.

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